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Christal Abellana's Journal

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30th December 2003

11:36pm: BITCH
your bitch.

What swear word are you?
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so true, i'm a bitch half the time

13th November 2003

7:38pm: Vandread Pic

my friend, Stanley "DaOutaw" Oh, made me this pic!!! i just love the pic, it's so cute!!!
Current Mood: cheerful

10th November 2003

5:55pm: another boring day for me. nutin to do, but to go to skool, come home, clean, cook, eat, and sleep. nuthin new is goin on in my life, other than my mom and step-dad fighting. it just sucks!!!
Current Mood: aggravated

7th October 2003

my life sucks now!!! yesterday i just found out that my mom wants me to get a job soon cause my step-dad might me leavin my mom. *cries* i dont want him to leave, he was so nice to my family, i just hope that if he leaves, its not for good. sometimes my step-dad leaves to go to egypt for a while, that i can understand, but if its for good, i dont kno what to do. so today, im gonna be at the mall and other places lookin for a job. this is gonna suck if i get a job, but i dont kno if there is any places that are hiring. this SUCKS!!!
Current Mood: frustrated

3rd October 2003

SHIT!!! ok i kno that i'm suppose to be in class right now, but it got canceled. my teacher complains that we should be in class on time and that there will be class today. as i got to the classroom, i found out that there was no class today!!! SHIT, i could have stayed in bed longer!!! and i did all the work i was missing since i was not in skool for a week cause i had a fever and all. all that work that i did to turn in today was for nuthin!!!
Current Mood: annoyed

27th September 2003

OMG OMG OMG. i'm finally undating my livejournal, its been so long. right now i have a swollen cheek cause of my wisdom tooth. i'm gonna have 2 get it pulled out!!! OUCH!!! i kno 4 a fact that its gonna hurt like a mother f*cker!!! i've been sick this whole week cause i had a fever. i've been doin nuthin, not goin 2 skool, not doin chores, just staying in bed. shit my lil sister was makin sure that i've been drinkin soup and water the entire week.
Current Mood: bitchy

6th September 2003

today there was a JTAF meetin in Japan Town. i brought along my friends, jenny and denise, to the meetin 'cause they are volunteering for JTAF. the VERY FIRST convention in SF. we talk about the events that are goin to happen, what was expected of us and all that kind of stuff. then after the meetin was over, jenny, denise, jimbo, richie, bruce, marc, michel and i went to BK to get some food. we ate and talk about anime and this D&D ANIME game that richie had. i think that i want to be a student or a magical gurl cause well...i dont kno. well anywayz, after we ate, we went to the shopping mall in Japan Town. we went to that video store that sold and rent anime. i dont kno that name of the place. i saw sooo many anime that i thought i was havin an anime overload. and HENTAI, sweet lord from above, there was sooo many hentai's that i thought that .... thats all i'm goin to say

4th September 2003

ok, i kno that i have not updated my livejournal for god knos how long, but now i'm back!!! hehe. well now i'm a college student at skyline college in san bruno. skool here so far has been goin great for me. i meet some kool and interesting new people WHO LIKE ANIME!!! hehe i have at least 1 friend in each of my classes. and i have been seeing hella Westmoor people here, the REALLY SMART PEOPLE from westmoor go to skyline. i found that hella funny cause they are really smart and have a high GPA. oh well, life is goin great for me!!! my mom is goin on a vacation to europe or mexico, i cant remember, and i kno for a fact that its gonna be SWEET!!! i can go out late, not come home if i wanted to and just have fun for once since i started skool.

today i think that i was hyper as a little gurl. i think that i had WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to much candy to eat. i got some of my new friends to watch Full Moon Wo Sagashite. they are sooooo into it like how i was. they are plannin to go to JTAF, which in happenin next weekend. I CANT WAIT!!!

hmmmmmm, now that i think about it, with all the anime that we talk about, i'm turnin into an anime/manga maniac. yes, i'm a anime/manga maniac now!!! i think that this will get me more hyper. oh well, thats good enough for me.

well g2g
homework, here i come(NOT)!!!
Current Mood: hyper

18th August 2003

have yu ever have one of those days where nothin goes right for yu? well, today was just like that for me. to start my day, my lil sister woke up me, our other sister, and our couzin, who was stayin with us for the summer, at 6:30 IN THE M0RNING!!! Sandy, my sister that woke me up, said that she did it cause skool is starting soon and we all needed to practice wakin up early for skool. kno that skool is starting up soon, but to wake up at 6:30am was not right!!! believe me, i was DEAD tired!!! all i wanted was some sleep cause i was awake until 4am cause i couldnt sleep. so a 2 and 1/2 hour sleep was not enough for me, but i couldnt get back to sleep, so i went downstairs to living room where they were, watchin tv. Sandy told me that i had to be awake cause our aunty from Tahoe was coming over to pick up the keys for the van to use to go to Great America. our aunty called to ask if we all wanted to go. well of course my couzin and sister, Angelika, wanted to go, just to have fun and to get out of the house. Angelika asked if i wanted to go but i said no, cause i knew that if i went, she couldnt go, and i wanted to be home by myself. but my sister was bitching about it, givin me attitude, thinkin that i wanted to go. i got such a headache from it. well my sister and couzin left and i had the house all to myself.
Current Mood: tired

14th August 2003

5:45pm: Purple
Purple! You have purple eyes! You're a dreamer,
artist, poet, whatever. You enjoy all forms of
art and literature, and tend to be quite good
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hmmmmm...purple eyes, i thought that blue was good for me but i like purple!!!

12th August 2003

3:35am: <td bgcolor="#000000">Username:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Zodiac Sign:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Favorite Colour:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Last Life:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Fortune Teller </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Attendants at Funeral:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">25</td></tr>
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Current Mood: tired

10th August 2003

*tears* this was the most saddest days that i have ever had. today was the day that we all said goodbye to Siggy as he leaves for Las Vegas and Jeremy as he leaves for college. we had a party/gathering at RTA one last time, at least for some of us.

i arrived at RTA about close to 9 am and waited for Jeremy and everyone else to show up. when Jeremy got to RTA, the people who were there headed to the back room and chilled there for a while, until the games were of free play mode. thats when the fun began. Chris(who plays Initial D), Patricia(who i just met), and I headed for the Initial D. it was kool battling against Patricia, she taught me a new course in Initial D that i never played before. *giggles* every time it was our turn, we would battle akagi, uphill, dry, and night every time. she won most of the time except the first time and when i beat her by 0.1m.!!! i mean, that was such a close race, i thought that she was gonna win. well anywayz, back in the room, the DMX machine was inside and some of us were playin the marathon mode, some were on the gamecube, then switched, to PS2, switched to Jeremy's computer and back to PS2. all of us were either in the room or in the arcade. it was fun until Siggy had to leave. *tears* everyone gave him hugs. i took one last pic with him, gave him a hug and then he was gone. it was really sad for me. well i stayed there until 6 pm, said goodbye to everyone, gave hugs and left as it was the last time that the "Original RTA Group" would be together.

"It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.
And I'll take with me the memories
To be my sunshine after the rain
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday." by Boyz II Men
Current Mood: sad

5th August 2003

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2nd August 2003

5:22am: Wanna Get Drunk?
well, last night was the time of my life!!! first of all, i went to the new arcade near the In 'N Out, and i must say, ITS HELLA SMALL AS FOOOOK!!! hehe, there was a 3rd mix ddr there and richie did his OH NICK routine!!! it was hella funny seein it again after soooo long. after that, we met up with Rich aka BAKA and went to RTA at pier 39. later during the night, around 6:00pm, Richie and Siggy, who we met up with at RTA, went home. i thought that they should of stayed, even if it was not a BN night.

later on that night, around, 7:00pm, people who usually come to BN nights were at RTA today. a few people ask me where Richie was and i told them that he went home. it kinda sucked that i didnt have him around cause he is the one i hangout with when no one is there, but it was ok. so. my friends and i started to hangout, playin initial d, ddr and stuff like that. i dont think when, but the bemani machines were half off last night. i knew that Richie should of stayed with us at RTA. as i went to the initial d machine, i saw some of my friends near the candy machine, tryin to get some candy. well, cause i was bein nice that day, i gave some tokens to my friend and he started to try to get some candy. it was hella funny that the candy was stuck cause it was bein balanced my a thin 3musketeers bar. we all started to fund for the candy machine, mostly my tokens, but it was ok. it was crowded like when people watched us play ddr or initial d. after god, excuse the pun, knos how long, we were able to get a load of candy.

then we headed to In 'N Out to get some food. as we were eatin, we saw GOD, Vince, and DorkChop there. GOD and DorkChop were hella drunk when we saw them. they just wanted to get somethin to eat for arron, who was stayin at Vince's place, and told us that they were drunk. Grace, who was at In 'N Out with us, got mad that they were drunk without her. so we decided that we were goin to Vince's place to get drunk.

i payed $20 for the drinks at CALA and headed to Vince's place. it was the first time that i was gonna get drunk. Grace had to teach me to drink cause i was a newbie. i downed a shot of vodka and orange soda and a chaser. it was hard for me to take it all cause it was too strong for me. it felt like it burned the back of my throat. then i had another shot and it was a bit easier than the last. i started to feel weird, thinkin that i was gettin drunk, but Grace said one more would do me fine, so i did one more and i could hella feel it. when i got up from my seat, i thought that i was gonna fall and thats when i knew that i was drunk. we all decided to have somethin to eat and went out to a restaurant. we ate and went back to Vince's. i decided to go back home cause it was late and i knew that my mom was gonna kill me if i was not home when she woke up. Grace gave me a ride back home and here i am. awake as fooook and all sobered up now.

g2g, need SLEEP
Current Mood: drunk

30th July 2003

12:00am: CYPRESS HILL!!!
i thought today was gonna be a normal day for me; eat, sleep, watch tv, go online, and watch my couzin and lil sister. but around 6:30pm, my mom called askin if i wanted to go to a Cypress Hill concert in SF. my step-dads friend had two free tickets and my mom asked if i wanted them. i told her hell yea cause i always wanted to see them in concert. i took my couzin/friend michelle with me and it was kool. it was held at a bar called "Slim's" on 11th. i thought that michelle and i was the only 18 year olds there cause mostly everyone that we saw had a yellow wrist band that allows them to buy beer.

well anywayz, the opening act was called "little brothers". they were hella kool. the songs that they did was a mixture of rap and old school. i was hella jumpin up and down and dancin to the beat. later on durin the night, Cypress Hill went up to preform. everyone was bunched up together, drinkin and some were smokin weed in there. i didnt mind the smell, but michelle did and we had to move to an area that didnt smell like weed. personally, i was havin a blast there, dancin to the beat, singin to the songs that i knew and just havin fun, but michelle, well lets just say i thought that the didnt want to be there at all. we left around 10:30pm when this guy got hit on the head. i dont kno how, but there was a cut on his forehead and we decided that we should leave, even though i hella wanted to say for the hold thing.

around 11:00pm, we were on our way home, we told my mom how it was and what happen to the guy that got hurt. when we dropped michelle home, she didnt say thank yu to my mom, that was hella rude!!! my mom got made cause she didnt say thank yu to her. i understand that she meant about it. other then that, my night was a blast!!!
Current Mood: energetic

17th July 2003

1:24pm: GET WET!!!
2day i was at the beach with my couz, and my 2 sisters. it was hella kool. we went to the beach at half moon bay, goin on route 12, i swear, that route is hella perfect 4 initial D. well anywayz, at the beach, we had to pay $4.00 just to get in cauze it was one of them private beaches that had a camp ground. we all went to the waves and just let the waves hit our legss, tryin not to let the water reach above our knees. let me tell yu, that was not possible!!! my big sister was waitin for the waves, when a semi big wave came and she started to fall, then grab my couz and dragged him also. they both were completely wet from head to toe!!! it was such a funny site, then my little sister got caught with a wave and also fell in. LoL, all three of them were wet and i was the only one that was nice and DRY!!! being that they were all completely wet now and didnt bring extra clothes, they decided,"What the hell!!!" and just dump each other in the waves. after all that, and them still wet, we went to BK to get somethin to eat. we went to the drive in cause none of them wanted to go in and neither did i. we ate and went back home. it was funny cause on the way home, there was an accident and my little sister roled down the window and her and my couzin started to yell "THERE'S AN ACCIDENT!!!" to every car. we all in the car started to laugh. it was such a great day there.
Current Mood: giggly

8th July 2003

1:42am: Bored
nuthin much is goin on here. i'm just bored and tired. my aunty vicky is gonna stay with my family 4 2weeks cause of her job. she gave her boss her 2week notice cause her and her family moved 2 sacramento. man, it seems like every1 that i kno is movin, mostly 2 sacramento. oh well, i can try 2 visit them whenever i can.
Current Mood: bored

6th July 2003

10:14am: MY BIRTHDAY!!!
YAAAAAAAA!!! 2day is my birthday and im finally 18!!! my family and i were still at North Hollywood, gettin ready 3 go back home. when i woke up, my mom said happy birthday 2 me, i said thank yu 2 her and my sisters copied my mom. then, out of no where, my little sister starts to give me my 18 birthday hits with a pillow. my other sister joined in and hit me with the pillow 18 times and my mom took a pic of it. my lil sister decided 2 wait 2 give me ALL 18 hits and only gave me 11, waitin 2 give me 7 more when we got home. i thought my back and arm was gonna be all black and blue with the hits that i got.
Current Mood: exhausted

4th July 2003

1:52am: 4th of July
well, this year 4 the 4th of July, my mom wanted 2 go to LA, so thats where my family went. we drove 6-8 hours to North Hollywood and had a blast. when we got to North Hollywood, we went 2 my aunts place, picked her up and went on a shoppin spree at downtown LA. OMG, the clothes there were soo cheap that i just wanted to spend the freakin entire day there, but we couldnt cause it was hella hot there. it was hella hot at LA that i thought that i was gonna turn black!!! i bought 6 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, sunglasses, a hat, a purse, 2 sweats fit, a dress fit and 2 pairs of cute shoes!!! and that only cost my mom about...$110!!! and that was just the first day there of shoppin. after that,we went to fina a hotel in North Hollywood. we stayed at the Beverley Garland Holiday Inn!!! it was sooo nice there and the pool was soo kool. my sisters and i went swimmin there after we checked in. it was a blast as the fireworks were on as we swam. later that night, we went to the sunset strip (not a club) and saw the stars that were on the sidewalk. there were hella of them like vick van dike, big bird, chris rock, the bee gees and others just 2 name a few. we saw the kodak theater and the grauman's chinese theater. we couldnt get a pic of the grauman's chinese theater cause my moms camera had no more batteries. after that, we went back to the hotel and got a good nights rest.
Current Mood: anxious

24th June 2003

2:56am: took a test, this is who i am

You're a Magical Girl!

You're sugar-hyped, caffeine-hyped, and permanently genki-er than a whole busload of Disney characters on crack. You eat too much, you're a total klutz, and somehow this makes you an ideal candidate for saving the world. If you're really unlucky, you get to get naked in an embarrassing transformation sequence in every single episode, with only a few sparkles and pastel blobs to cover your dignity.

Which generic anime character are you?

21st June 2003

3:02pm: BORED
WOW, its been a long time since i updated this. well things are goin ok for me this time. skools out and summers here. i have been doin nuthin but eat, sleep, watch tv, use the comp, babysit and party. nuthin excitin has happen to me yet, still lookin for a job and all. yesterday was the start of FANIME and i'm not there. *cries* i wish i was there, with all the anime and games. I SOOOO WISH I WAS THERE. but today is my friends 18th b-day party and i just cant wait to go. this is gonna be the last time that i will be able to see her cause shes gonna go to the air force next month. i'm gonna miss her. but at least i'll be able to see her for one last time. my step-dad finally came back from egypt, after more that a month. *sighs* i just cant wait for my b-day. i'm gonna finally be 18 years old and not "jail bait"!!!

well g2g now
much luv
Current Mood: busy

12th June 2003

OMG!!! graduation was a hit!!! it was long though, but never the less, it was kool. the speeches that were bein read was very touchin. i started 2 cry cause of the speeches and thinkin that i will never be goin back 2 high skool ever again. i wont be able to talk 2 some of my friend and hang around with them. *_; right now i'm waitin 4 my sis b/f 2 be done with HIS graduation so my family, his family and i can go 2 dinner 2 celebrate
Current Mood: annoyed
OMG OMG OMG!!! 2day is my high skool graduation!!! i'm so happy, no more skool, no more homework, and NO MORE TEACHERS!!! at least until i go 2 college. well i kno that i'm gonna miss high skool cause i'll miss all of my friends there and some of my favorite teachers, but i can still go back and visit. but it won't be the same. oh well

g2g gotta get ready
much love
Current Mood: energetic

8th June 2003

5:49pm: YESSSS!!!! I'M OUT
finals r completely over and i kno i pass all 4 finals. nuthin more 2 do but sign yearbooks and PARTY!!! but saturday was kool. i just got initiated 2 the Thespian troop at my skool. the banquet was fun, we ate and talk 2 every1 who was there. then the people who were gonna be initiated had 2 perform 4 in front of every1. i was the 9th person 2 preform and i sang "hero" by mariah cary. every1 likes it. i started 2 cry when my friend lizzy sang "remember me this way". that song just 4 all the seniors and 2 every1. well after the initiation was completed, i left 2 go 2 a graduation party 4 my couzin michelle who graduated from holy angels private skool. there was alot of people there and we just ate and talk. my aunty joint our table and we talked about how my mom and aunt got their nick names. it was funny how they got is. i also told my uncle, aunt and couzin 2 go 2 my graduation, which is on the 12, this thursday.

and 4 graduation, there is about 15 people i kno so far that r goin 2 my graduation. and people from my skool who r attendin graduation. I'M GRADUATING!!! i just cant wait!!!

well g2g
much love
Current Mood: ecstatic

3rd June 2003

1:03pm: PLAY and FINALS
the week has been goin by sooooo fast that i dont wanna leave high skool. the play "the man who came to dinner" was a kool play. i was a wife called "mrs stanley", a bubble headed gurl, in my opinion. it lasted 4 three days. it was hard not 2 cut skool and sleep. on saturday night was the last night of the play. i started 2 cry when we all did our "shit yea's" cause all the seniors, includin me, were doin our last play of our high skool lives. during the cast party at dennys, we all were talkin and havin a great time. we ate and talk about the "club" that most of the men were in and how they got their code names like "pillow, tribal, telephone" it was kinda odd findin out how they got their names.

this week is finals 4 me. i just had my first 2 finals on monday and it was hella eazy, just a test with only 49 questions and a web page 2 present. rite now i'm workin on my final 4 english, which is a speech and studyin 4 my final 4 govt. hopefully i will pass it all
Current Mood: working
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